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Bohemian Style Monokini 2016 Multicolor Size: XS- S

$ 42.00 (AUD)


Now that Bohemian is back in fashion 2016, this sexy monokini is all you need to wear to the beach. With color combinations and color tones especially thought out to flatter every skin complexions yet ideally flatters a nice tan. The detailed unique print and clarity of intense bohemian inspired theme as well as its detailed gold details make it stand out and very unique. It enhances the chest with strong padding to give out a perfect shape by lifting the breast and making it look bigger. This piece is also specially designed to emphasize the waist and give the illusion of a more slender waist and silhouette.


Size Chart:
International size: XS- S
Eur: 40
Uk: 34
F: 42
E: 42



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