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Xmas Eve Christmas Elegant Nude Pink Fuchsia Heel Platform Pump Stiletto Shoes S 38 8

$ 100.00 (AUD)

Exclusively available by Posh Cadillac

Spoil yourself or your spouse to these irresistible Christmas special edition, designer inspired, elegant, elite heel pumps. A pair that will turn heads on any occasion, moreover on such special celebration as Christmas gatherings. A pair you will love wearing even after the holidays as a rare classic, that can even be combined as casual glam with skinny jeans & a cute or sexy chic top. Why pay thousands on designer heels when you can get the same look, feel & comfort for only a small fraction for a pair that speaks luxury?

It’s especially designed to add as much height possible, without jeopardising losing it’s elegance, with special attention in emphasising a strong feminine line of the leg, accentuating on the cuff & thigh muscle. Combining uniquely the comfort of a cushioned sole with a lightweight design these heels are ones to enjoy wearing 9 months a year and will never go out of fashion. The shoes are demonstrated in different lighting, to show the brilliance of color shades from day to night & through different light densities (ie: daylight, indoor light)

Subject to safer delivery, these shoes may be re-packaged from the original box.

Size: 38 EU/ 8 AU (For sizing, in your country’s conversion, please advise our size chart & measurement images)





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