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White Based Vibrant Youthful Tassel Print Colourful Bohemian Shirt

$ 27.00 (AUD)

                                                     Size: Medium 
Bohemian is back in fashion and always in fashion’s new advances. Very summery, playful with vibrant colours on a white basic polyester fabric, to flatter a nice tan. It can easily be matched with any colour on the shirt just and can also be combined with jeans to brighten up your day. Casual, street smart, yet cheek and glam, with detail such as the realistic looking tassel print to add to it’s poshness. Easy to wear either with a low sided bra or a babe top, just on and off without the hassle of zips or the uneasiness of a tight fitted top. Comfortable and ideal for lunches and dinners when wanting to eat as much as you like yet look just as sleek, wearing something that will stylishly cover the tummy area and attract the eyes to it’s vibrant colours and your beautiful tan.

(This item is available in all sizes on the size chart in our warehouse. If you don’t mind waiting a
bit longer, send us an email to backorder your size and ask the approximate delivery time for your region).
To assure a nice fit, please check the size chart below;
 Conversion: 1 mm = 0.0394 inch, 1 inch=25.4mm

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