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Waterproof Color Changing, Long Lasting Lipstick, Lip gloss Natural Red Lips 3D Effect N.2

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waterproof-magic-longlasting-lipstick-with-gold-specs-posh-cadillac-text-web-B                                 Finely Scented
If you have dull colourless lips and no lipstick really stands out, your lip balm doesn’t really flatter your color, want long lasting results without the hassle of reapplying lipstick yet don’t want the dry lips of most 24 hour lipsticks result to yet desire a result that will look as natural through the day also, this lipstick, lipgloss is a must in your handbag and makeup box.

With a pleasant tint of strawberry scent and gold specs in its formula, this lipstick adds life to your lips with a harmonic vibrancy to your natural tone. It adds volume and a nice tint of a balanced red tone with a 3D effect, making your lips look juicy. It brings a slight difference in color tone on different lips as it enhances your natural color without making your lips look overdone with piles of lipstick, no matter how much you apply. The more you apply the more intense the color so start with a layer and keep building until you are satisfied with the tone. Be sure to rub your lips onto each other first however… because the more you rub the more the color intensifies with heat and maintains that vibrancy.

Because it looks very natural and can last up to the second day (leaving a very faint remain depending how moist you get your lips), it’s ideal through the day and works just as well through the night. It can also be combined with all those lipsticks you have on the side that never use because they look too dull, although they seem to look fine on the adverts and on others. Just apply this lipstick first, dab your lips together to intensify color and apply other lipstick to highlight.

For more combinations and professional use read the description below.

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                                      COMBINE FOR A DIFFERENT LOOK
You can also apply a more intense lipstick on top that you love the color of but doesn’t stay long. It will help intensify your other lipstick’s properties and when it’s gone, your lips are not nude, but have the underlayer of this magic lipstick formula to keep your lips looking red. For professional catwalk lips, dab makeup powder on your lips before applying this lipstick and the contour with another or enhance, also using lipliner.

To make your lips look more juicy, you can also combine it with high gloss lipstick on top.

Either you want to use it on its own or mix it with other lipsticks for more dramatic results, the combinations are infinite and the results…naturally charming!

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