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Vogue Black Necklace Nail Art Transfer Sticker Decal

$ 2.50 (AUD)

What a perfect way to add style and luxury to your appearance without spending anything on clothes or jewellery, in no time. Effortlessly look Glam just by adding these transferable designs on each finger.

template-Design1-copy-web-SEither you chose to go to a manicurist  and have your nails done with long lasting gels, acrylic, semi permanent etc, or you just have enough time to do them yourself at home, just apply these on the right finger (or paint the nails you will apply the sticker to  purple prior), top coat to seal with UV seal and you’re ready!

This item can also adhere into different surfaces so experiment on where you want to have it placed and for permanent placing, if pleased with the result, allow time to dry and seal with relevant varnish (for temporary use removal do not use varnish on the surface and be advised for what is appropriate removal solution for that surface; likewise with the use of varnish).

Get it right, by scrolling down for application instructions.










1. Our elaborate design and unique new environment-friendly materials provides excellent air permeability and adhesion for your nails. You can beautify your nails in no time and anywhere without the need of any tools.

2. Chose from a nail sticker with an appropriate size.
3. Tear the transparent protective layer off to get the nail sticker.
4. Align the curved edge of the nail sticker with the heel side of the fingernail.
5. Push the nail sticker from the inside radically out to the edge and scrape it.
6. Remove the excess nail sticker along with the edge of the fingernail.
7. Carry out UV seal against nail sticker according to personal requirements.
8. Clean Up: Dip your nail into warm water 50 oC for 8 minutes, remove nail sticker and clean nail with hand sanitizer or nail polish remover.


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