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Victorian Vintage Style Miniature Collectors Retro Barbie/ Doll/ Princess Gift Mini Hair Comb

$ 7.00 (AUD)

Metal: Alloy
Detailing: Handcrafted
Embellissements: Rhinestones
Measuring: 10cm (Length) x 2.3cm (Max width)
Style: Victorian Engraved, colour treated and gem embellished
Item: Victorian Vintage Style Miniature Retro Barbie/ Doll/ Princess Hair Comb

Why not help your little one prepare her fashion taste in stylish elegant accessories, by allowing her to accessorise her dolls hair routine with a dazzling victorian vintage style hair comb? Style and fashion always plays a role in a little girls upbringing so it’s also a nice item to keep in the memory box to look back to as a grown up, as it an also be easily used for interior decor, ie, at the jewellery stand. Larger than the average size of a Barbie doll comb, this item is ideal for larger dolls also (please check measurements if wanting to suit a certain size preference).

So either a miniature collector, wanting to add a little glam to your baby girls doll house, or just wanting to gift it to someone who cherishes little mini decor gems, this item has all the detailing to impress. From darkened, carved victorian designs onto the metal, to the detailed metal pattern and colour, topping it up with just the right amount of sparkle with rhinestones, equally on both sides, this little comb seems like a little treasure that you only see illustrated in fairytale books
Also ideal for statement decorative piece in the bathroom, cosmetic boudoir, etc





Pastel Rhinestones, Rhinestone Dazzle

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