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Velvet Soft Feel Peacock Floral Colourful Blue Based Leggings  M-XXL

$ 18.50 (AUD)

International Size: M-XL

Material 50% Cotton, 50% Elastane
These have a very distinct-statement look. The peacock pattern is a symbol of good karma, in addition to the floral pattern. It is a full fabric high quality print and the very fine velvety feel that will impress you. It looks like an expensive work of art and should be treated as the centerpiece of your look, hence combined with a one color top. A great advantage is its playful colors, so besides going for a classic look and combining it with black, it’s an amazing chance to take out tops of colors you never wear because you have nothing to wear them with. These tights pretty much have every color harmonised in the pattern print. Emphasize by isolating any color tone. For slender silhouettes it can even be worn with a tight short top; if you want to hide some imperfections however, it works wonders with a shirt or top up to thigh length (loose or tight fitted), as well as with oval finish tops (please check for availability or request to see our suggestion).   It’s high elastic properties provide a good fit and comfort in movement as well as a nice fabric feel of it, suitable for all four seasons (not suitable for drastic temperatures). The color combinations are infinite and with such playful design and happy colors, enjoy combining!


    beautiful !

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