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Velvet Luxury shell jewellery gift box

$ 9.00$ 15.00 (AUD)

shell-jewellery-box-web-BWhy buy flowers or chocolates for a gift, when you can buy someone something a gift set this beautiful for only a fraction of the price?  Take advantage of our Gift set offer with a charming ‘essence’ on the inside as well as on the outside, or the box on it’s own where you can put your own petite, delicate jewellery. The velvet cushion lifts up by little loop, allowing you to store your little treasures there…or to hide a suprise gift (ring, earring, very fine bracelet or pendant/ necklace). The ring can lay flat and there 2 slots for other fine jewellery.

A velvet luxury jewellery box with many advantages:
1) A perfect way to add value to a gift.
2) Great for an expensive gift that needs the appropriate case to flatter it.
3) Ideal for a less costly present to bring up its value with a glamorous presentation.
4) A beautiful way to display, store and protect your precious, favorite jewellery items, the way they deserve to be. From ring, to delicate chain necklace, pendant or chain bracelet.

Have enough on the side for your favorite or daily jewellery and for gifting. All you need to do, is put the jewellery in the box and you have a gift that any lady will treasure, or chose the complete gift set option for the shell box with earrings!


 shell-jewellery-box-grey yellow-web-B

Weight .35 kg

Blue Lilac, Gift Set, Luxury Grey, Powder Pink, Shell Beige, Snow White

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