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Unique Mini Garden Flower Fairy Figurine Decor Fairytale Display Romantic Statue

$ 22.00 (AUD)

Unique Figurine: ‘Take Me Home Series’ Collection
Romantic Indoor/ Outdoor Garden Love Me Not Daisy Flower Fairy Figurine Statue

Size: Height: 5.80 cm, Max. Width: 5cm, Max. Depth/Length: 5cm
Featuring: Hand-painted in Dimensional Detailing

For fairytale lovers, this precious little fairy sculpture is one of a kind. Unique in design, hand painted and polished individually, it is special also because it captures movement. Whereas most commercial mermaids focus on maintaining symetry, this fairy focus is on capturing real life movement. Hence holding the dress with one hand on the side where the wing slightly folds in (giving the impression of a smaller wing), as if captured when she is about to get get up. That is the most fascinating detail of this figurine that gives it a unique essence !
Made of designer composite resin, and emphasised with just an accent of glitter to add a ‘touch of fairy-dust magic’, this realistic figurine brings livelihood to the area it decorates, brightening up the imagination with a subconscious world of magic. Either intended for a gift, a special child, for your personal collection, for anyone young or young at heart that loves mermaids, this little fairy is sure to steal your heart! Just place it in the warmth of a welcoming home and enter ‘enticing fairytale magic worlds’!
Beautifully sculpted, with her face hand-painted in detail with the love of the artist…it hopes to embrace and carry forward its creational livelihood, through her realistic aesthetic look and theme of a carefree fairy as would only be seen and captured with the pure eyes of imagination….in the beautiful virgin woods! Her hair flows gently teased with the forest breeze and sits like a pure raindrop on a love me not daisy. Although at first it seems she is staring at the sea shell.
Subject to screen settings and different light projected (day/ night/ indoor light, etc), please allow possible tone variation


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