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Unique, Handmade Luxury burlap napkin & cutlery holder

$ 30.00 (AUD)

This handmade set of burlap napkin holder and cutlery holder is ideal to make any dinner table stand out in style and luxury. Thought through to its finishing touches, it brings elegance to a special occasion…

Either the occasion is a Wedding, a Christening, Christmas, Easter, Anniversary, or you just want some luxury dinner setting to make your table setting special, this cutlery and napkin holder set is ideal. It’s neoclassic style makes it suitable for all age and taste preferences, ‘marrying’ classic with modern vibrant elements of 2016 Fashion.

This is what makes it ideal for a present too, as it is unique, not an item that someone will put away, but rather something to be used as often as 3 times a day, so you will be remembered and your present cherished. Also ideal for the bridal table setting, and you can still keep it to use at home.

There is a lot of delicate hand stitching on the burlap napkin holder and the sea shells and findings are sourced from the Mediterranean seas from my personal collection from trips there, to carry through a positive, carefree, romantic and nostalgic ambiance and the subcontinent association to tropical places, helping set the mood. Also the sizes, designs and sewing are all custom made, to the right size of fitting the largest possible standard cutlery sets.

To your convenience, the burlap napkin holder is adjustable by a matching safety pin. This means you can adjust thickness for any kind from paper napkin to fabric towel.

Personalised orders are accepted. If you are interested in buying more than one sets, please be sure to look at my other listings for more burlap cutlery and napkin holder sets or sent in your ideas and we can take things from there.
To make dinner sets, as each set is unique, you can chose different variations of what you would like and from a wide range of burlap color.
For orders over 2 sets, discounts apply. Please allow 2 days for each set to be made, or 3 days where hand painting and drying time is required.

Luxury burlap napkin and cutlery holder and napkins gift Summer Mediterranean 2016

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