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Tiffany Blue Heel Gem Wallet Purse, Card Holder Coins Cash Faux Suede Leather

$ 14.00 (AUD)

Size: 11(W) x23(H)cm x 3cm (Aprox. Thickness)
1 Photo Slot
10 card holder slots
4 Cash and Paper Slots
* Excellent faux leather quality. Suede texture on the outside and mat faux leather in sand tan beige for the interior
You don’t need to spend a thousands to get a designer look yet still achieve the same outcome. This wallet comes in a very rare prety blue shade with a nice touch of glam, that of a heel shoe in rhinestones and of course a nice motivtional quote ‘she needs a little fabulous…is that wrong?’ (just to encourage those guilty shopping days)…and 4 slots to store all that money or paper documents.
A beautifully thought through design combining stunning colors and finetsa. An all day and night stunning accessory for formal and casual occasions. Beautiful down to detail, it will attract attention, without being loud or taking away from your excellent quality. It’s looks suit the purpose.
An old time classic that will be adored and a beautiful girft to be remembered by daily!

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