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Set of Wool and Mohair Blue Green Knitted Dress & Scarf / Bandana Made in Italy

$ 42.00 (AUD)

Size: Small -Large (Regular – One Fits All)
Quality: 40% Mohair, 30% Lan Wool, 30% Acrylic

In an unusual dark blue green shade, this adorable knitted Dress comes as a set with it’s matching Scarf that can also be worn as a Bandana for a different look. It’s knit has distinct work of little random sized ball knit, adding texture and subtle poshness on a rather simple dress. A nice canvas for making your jewellery the centerpiece. The matching colour lace finish in addition to the slightly shorter textured lining, adds more character to the dress by allowing a small part of transparency to a cheek level as demonstrated in the photo’s. Loose fitted and comfortable, it adjusts by elastic around the waist. This in addition it’s moderate length and elegant design, makes the ideal dress to wear through the day as well through the night, which makes it ideal for those long days where you have no time to change. Just touch up the make up, add some accessories and off you are for the night. Can also be combined with a tight fitted long sleeve top below.

Moderate enough to wear through the day and at work, yet interesting enough to wear on a night out. Easy to wear on and off, without the trouble of zips and cozy as the style meets the purpose.

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