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Set of Black, Gold Italian Skirt & top, Ancient Greek Goddess S-M

$ 54.00$ 99.00 (AUD)

Quality: Detailed Synthetic Net type
Size: S -M

Why not dress in elegance inspired by ancient Greece and Rome this Christmass, or spoil a loved one in luxury with a nice present?
Either way, this Black, Gold Italian Skirt & top, brings back a nice scent of the classic Athenian/ Grecian glory. This generously gold sequenced top of delicate work, in contrast with the black and slightly see through main net fabric, guarantees a Hollywood like appearance when worn together on a formal occasion.

Occassions & Sujestions:
Formal Occasion: As a set or spice it up wearing the top with or a nice black pair of pants. Alternatively, the skirt with a formal black top. Wear top as casual with jeans.

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                             Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold-top1-webB          Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold2-webS

Non-summetrical-black-&-white-dress-Oval-short-long-2-lengths-Posh-Cadillac-store2-webB                    Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold1-web-B

Non-summetrical-black-&-white-dress-Oval-short-long-2-lengths-Posh-Cadillac-store1-webB                  Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold-label-made-in-Italy-webS

Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold-skirt-webB               Posh-Cadillac-store-Ancient-Greek-Roman-design-Italy-black-gold-skirt1-web-B


Set, Skirt, Top

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