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Refillable ‘Bubble Lilac’ By Posh Cadillac perfume bag size

$ 14.00 (AUD)

Bubblegum-Lillac---By-Posh-Cadillac-fragrance-perfume-bag-size-web-SIt’s beautiful bottle doesn’t get wasted as it’s refillable and in metallic exterior.  It’s dimensions of 8.5cmx 2 make it compact enough to fit in your smallest hand bag (slightly bigger than the size of a lipstick). There is a glass bottle inside for best preservation of the fragrance. Just screw off the lid when done and ready for refilling. There is no limit to how many times you can refill.

High concentrated fragrance, only a couple of sprays required for a long lasting scent. Ask us for a fragrance custom made to your taste, or just chose from a fragrance you already have, to refill with a different scent each time. If you are on the go for many hours, it’s always refreshing to have a quick and stylish solution to a nice aroma…just spray away.


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