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Rare Hand Painted Statue Figurine Pink Mermaid Handmade Sitting, Holding Shell

$ 14.00 (AUD)

An adorable, pink tailed, mermaid from the ‘Take me Home’ mermaid series of down to detail hand painted finish. Makes an ideal little gift to be remembered by every day. It also makes a lovely centrepiece for the Christmas tree as an ornament or sitting on it’s base, so why not add a few mermaids to your Christmas tree with a few fairies this year…& a touch of ‘magic’! 
There’s always a child inside everyone, and always space for dreams…
pink-mermaid-with-shell-firgurine-silver-hair-holding-posh-cadillac-web-sDue to its size, it can pretty much be displayed anywhere in style, adding a discrete scent of fantasy to its given environment. It has a cute detailed face with nice expression & nice fairy like pose. This figurine has been shot in different environments and different light to demonstrate ideally how it looks in real life. It has been photographed under different environments and light to give the best possible representation of how it looks like in real life (due to your screen vibrancy however, please allow the possibility of slight tone variation).
The listings are for the mermaid figurines as one item. Any decorations may be available for sale but not included in this listing (feel free to ask).
For those who love detailed fantasy items with nice details, look through listings for more mermaids, fairy’s and Unicorns.

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