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Playful, Pop, 90’s, Vibrant Colourful Graffiti Pants Leggings

$ 23.00 (AUD)

One Size: S-L (Smal – Large)

grafitty-colorful-multicolor-tights-main-web-sA fun colourful leggings design of 90’s retro Graffiti Design. Easily combined with a one colour top matching any of the colours on the leggings and accessorise with chunky accessories (grey colours also suit it nicely). Wear to go to the gym, at home, jogging, for a walk, hanging out or even to go for coffee. Suits sport shoes, casual, but can also make a more dressy look in a nice pip toe that would match any of the colours of the leggings (Specially black and dark blue).  Enjoy matching it and getting different styles.


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