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Velvet Playboy transformable pouch, phone case, sock wallet & strap bag

$ 11.00$ 40.00 (AUD)


With the playboy trademark detailed embroidered logo and the rich, luxurious velvet flocked texture, this pouch/ bag can be transformed to suits your needs and be used on different occasions.  From a pouch, to a mobile case, to a wallet or even a discreet arm lace bag. This can also make a great present everyone will enjoy, as the darker range (black, brown, mauve) are unisex and very practical size for men to carry in their pockets or jackets (as mobile case or wallet).

With a choice of a long strap, short lace up strap, or loosely opened, this is an all in one bag pouch!
So take advantage of the promotional offer for all colors and forget the last minute gift shopping,  running out of gifts, or not finding a bag to match your outfit!

Size: 12.5cm x 8cm approximately


Black, 5 colors, Brown, Fuchsia, Mauve purple, Red

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