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Pet Nail Soft Cover Caps Dog Cat Kitten Claw Paw Control Protector Glitter Colors & Clear, XS-XL

$ 5.00 (AUD)

Material: High Quality Rubber
Colors: All Glitter Colors and Clear
Size: XS-XL 
20X Pet Nail Caps Cover Soft Rubber Dog Cat Kitten Claw Paw Control
Size: Small (compare the detail size with your pet’s based on chart below)
 Well, they don’t mean to…but it’s in their nature! Protect yourself, your shirts, your furniture and belongings from scratchings by your pet effectively with this set of 20 pleasant, stylish, soft, non-toxic and simple to wear, pet nail caps.

Made of high quality rubber material, soft and comfortable to wear. It will add unique style to your pet. Subject to your monitor brightness settings, please allow possible shade difference.  The nail caps fall off with the natural growth of your pet’s nails. Checking your pet’s nails periodically is recommended. (Scroll down for instructions)
XS: Fit: 0.5KG-2.5KG
S: Fit: 2.5KG-5.0KG
M: Fit: 5.0KG-7.5KG
L: Fit: 7.5KG-10KG
XL: Fit: 10kg – 15kg

Follow link below the photo if you wish to purchase the glue stick for these nail caps.


1: Trim the tip of your pet’s nails, just enough to allow the nail cap to fit all the way to the base of the nail.
For Kittens: Do not trim kittens’ claws before applying Soft Paws. You will need sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly
2: Fill nail caps 1/3 full with adhesive
3: Extend nails by gently pressing thumb on top with index finger on bottom of paw before sliding nail caps onto nail.
4: Observe pet for five minutes before release. Distract  your pet by playing or feeding with pet’s favorite food/ spoils.



Weight .35 kg

Bronze Gold, Choc Chip Cookie, Pure Gold


S, M, XS, L, XL


    These caps just saved my furniture’s life! And express shipping as requested! Will be back for more!

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