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New Years Blessings of a Baby Angel Marble Like Good Heart Figurine Statue

$ 15.00 (AUD)

white-christmass-angel-posh-cadillac-back-view-web-sThis marble like little figurine is a Good Omen display which can easily be placed pretty much anywhere and re-decorating any surface, adding a minimal discrete classy detail to your interior.  Due to it’s colour and elegance, it blends in, in any environment, either it’s a lounge room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen surface, or even as an ornament theme on the Christmas tree or New Years. It symbolises the purity of a baby and an angel combined in 1, whilst the wings form a heart. Very detailed dimension of statue, with the same amount of detail on the back view and feathers, making it a little piece of realistic art from any angle. It also makes for a lovely gift to a child or a loved one whom you want to wish well, protect and show you care! With emphasis on detail, the baby angel’s face is just as beautiful as the rest of the statue.
Size: 10cm x 5.50 cm


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