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Made in Europe Greece Cotton Lace Faux Leather Formal Black Dress

$ 80.00 (AUD)

Limited Edition
Made in Europe; Greece
This is a limited edition High Quality Luxury fabric dress, exclusive fabric and design. With a very unique silhouette curve, the dress fiber is specially designed to add and shape a nice silhouette accentuating on the nice existing curves and hiding any imperfections, giving out a strong silhouette lines and a healthy structured physique. One doesn’t need to be a model to look like one and this is exactly what this dress delivers, embracing the silhouette in a princes cut line. With the elegance of cotton lace and the glam rock splash of faux leather, it’s exclusive futuristic fabric detail, takes ‘the little black dress’ to a different level.
The see through fabric lacing and lining gives dimension and depth to your appearance and it’s flattering line accentuates the curves without making it too sexy, so it’s ideal for all formal occasions, clubbing and wherever you occasion you want to cherish by wearing something special. A tight fitted dress that fastens by a discreet side zip, designed to be worn throughout the year, keeping the body warm through the Winter and breezy light in the Summer. Easy to accessorise, this classic design is the latest addition to fashion and will always be at the front of the cupboard.



M-L, S-M

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