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Luxury Pink fuchsia Couch sofa bed jewellery case display stand

$ 55.00 (AUD)


Opens up for more space and fits all types of jewelry, from rings and bracelets to necklaces.

Either you want it for a gift or to spoil yourself, this is a gorgeous display item, to help you keep all your jewelry in order & displayed in a manner that you can show them off. It’s a shame to have nice jewelry pieces hidden.

Definitely an item you’ll make much use of and will love to see on your boudoir table when you get up to get ready for work everyday, so why not spoil yourself to some luxury? It just makes the procedure of getting ready, so much more fun and inspires you to wear your jewelry that are hidden…somewhere where you don’t have time to look and untangle.

Very soft & velvety to the touch and very gentle with your jewelry.

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