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Luxury Black Tassel Strap Top Convertible Sleeve Made In Europe

$ 72.00 (AUD)

Made in Europe; Greece

black-tessle-loose-alternative-wearing-fitted-top-main-2-web-sA gorgeous top has convertible sleeves so you can wear it in a looser fit without the sleeves worn only with the straps (you can leave them hanging as on picture) or you can wear them as sleeves revealing the shoulder in a sexy yet elegant style. What’s great about out, you can pull the sleeves on and off as you get cold/ hot and just leave them hanging as part of the design without the need of privacy to change. It’s generous luxury tassel on the cleavage line, sleeves and finish, adds sophistication to your look and it’s cream gold luminous colour creates an illusion of a tanned completion as well as accentuate a nice tan. Ideally worn as formal and definitely adds effortless style when worn through the day for fashionista’s. Very practical, easy to wear and combine and helps maintain a nice silhouette by covering those imperfections (specially at  dinners where tummy bloating is inevitable).

 This item is Posh Cadillac Exclusive (the pants are also our Exclusive in range and subject to availability; if you can’t find it in our catalogue you can request availability in your size). 




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