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Long Coin Necklace Silver Blue Stone Greek Grecian Goddess Bib Boho Gypsy Chunky

$ 17.00 (AUD)

Length: 41 cm 
Max width: 3.8 cm
Colour: Silver with Blue Stone

Either you want to wear this necklace in a Mediterranean Goddess combination, a Bohemian Boho look or Gypsy with a long loose/ tight fitted dress or just a casual ripped jeans look, this versatile necklace will add concept to your outfit. With attention to detail, it has high detail coins going up on the chain on either side of the necklace and coins hanging from it’s highly detailed large dangling finish. It’s silver metal has bee brushed in black to add depth and a precious ancient Greek note, bringing it closer to the original museum necklace piece this design was inspired by, giving that feeling of wearing an ancient very expensive necklace.


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