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LOL® Surprise Girl Doll Sisters ring jewelry bijoux adult toddler kids girls finger rings Heart Box

$ 7.00$ 60.00 (AUD)

Description: LOL Surprise Girl Doll Sisters jewelry bijoux adult/ kids/ toddler/ girls rings
Item: 1 ring of preference (unless otherwise selected)
Size: Adjustable (from 2-year-old toddler to size 8 adult ring size)
Heart Ring Box: 36 Holes/Ring Slot Capacity

Find your persona in these LOL fashion dolls and chose a different one to wear depending on the occasion, mood, or outfit! Let the child within express thyself by wearing a statement mood ring, that puts a smile on your face, adding a pleasant, charming note to those who see it. Make your day or someone else’s by gifting them one or more of these doll rings, without worrying if the size is a fit, due to their adjustable ring. Also share with your daughter in a unique opportunity of sharing jewelry that suits both and actually fits both. Where finger rings are hard to find intended for toddlers as young as 2 years old, this collection will definitely steal your toddler’s heart and make her feel special, being able to carry her favorite dolls on her finger and changing styles with you, as you both collect. An awesome introduction to jewelry and rings for your young one and a great opportunity for the mothers to remember the child within.  Enjoy collecting, sharing, and gifting the LOL surprise doll sisters fashion on your fingers with these adorable rings! For the young and the young at heart!….





1. Pink Hippie, 10. Pink Bowy, 11. Harajuku Glitzy Red, 12. Miss Genius, 13. Street Smart, 14. Country Girl Cheek, 2. Miss Pinky, 3. Mermaid, 4. Goth Metal Manga, 5. Blond Cheerleader in Red, 6. Punk, Metal Harajuku, 7. Hot in Animal Print, 8. Sexy Sport, 9. Babydoll, Heart Box for 36 rings, Random 10 Rings, Random 5 Rings

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