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Liqueur, Champagne, Sherbet Crystal Goblet Stem Glasses Set of 4

$ 45.00 (AUD)

An adorable discontinued display piece set of wine and liquer stem glasses (in some countries they are also used as shampagne, sherbert, water and fruit punch glasses). It gives a sparkle to a nice dinner table and gives any occassion a very stylish touch. They have a fine cubic posh vintage pattern yet, due to its refined cubic pattern, classic in fashion. That’s what makes it an ideal gift, most suitable for a wedding table or any formal event. The glass thickness makes it more durable yet doesn’t take away from it’s elegance. A set you will fall in love with.
For safer posting, these Crystal Glasses get re-packaged in random boxing (they may not come in their original packaging).

Design:  Crystal Glasses Victorian Baroque Style Liqueur & Wine
Style: Discontinued Longchamp Cristal D’Arques
Liquid Capacity: 8.25 Oz
Pieces: Set of 4
Made In Paris

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