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Lipstick Color Set Amplified Cream Rouge Creme A Levres Duo Tones, Nudes & Refined Classics

$ 9.00$ 10.00 (AUD)

Size: 7.30cm (H), 1.80cm (W)
Fashion Lipstick Shades 2017,

These fashionable shades are specially designed in consideration to fltering different natural skin tones whilst adding the freshness of the latest fashion, modern look lips. Chose your shade to add natural tone or vibrancy, respectively to your lips. Suitable for everyday use.
This line is an innovation to lipsticks! With silky creamy texture, providing nutrition for the lips and moisturizing properties, just enough to give your lips required weather protection without the excessive oils result to greasy lips, maintaining hence all the goodness of a lipstick.
In the most flattering tones to the skin lip shades, of latest fashion 2017, balanced moisture, modern styles and flattering tones, all in 1 stick! With a variety to chose among Nude Tones, Contouring Duo Shades and Refined Classics, there’s shades to flatter all skin tones and for all occassions.
The Lip Contouring Duos give out discrete contouring, adding depth plumpness and dimension to the lips in suble descending tones, apropriate for the day time as well as through the night.For dual tone lipstick, just use the darker shade to cover the lips, more towards the outline of the lips. Use the lighter tone to highlight and add depth on the inner center of the lower lip and gently dab lips together.
The Refined Classic tones, you have the best to chose from, whatever the occasion. The are mainly the one tone lipsticks of this range, and some refined, updated classics in the duo tones, some in neutral shades also. Touch up through the night for intensified look and alternatiely bring the colour out by using your favourite, flattering to the lipstick, lip liner.
And of course the beloved Nudes that never seem to go out of fashion, we all love & never seem to have enough shades of. Find our variety of single tone or duo shade nudes in 1 stick.
Subject to screen settings and light projected, there may be possible tone variation. To demonstrate each tone ideally, various photos are taken for every liptstick shade.


Weight .35 kg

N.1 Nude Pearl Pink, N.118 Imperial Red, N.121 Hibiscus, N.127 True Nude, N.130 Sand Nude, N.131 Duo Tone Blush Nude, N.134 Duo Tone Nude Pink, N.135 Duo Shimmery Nude Night, N.136 Duo Nude Pink Lady, N.138 Duo Nude Summer Sweet

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