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® JOJO Siwa Hair Bows 7” Angel Wings Iridescent Flamingo Gift Head Clip Accessory

$ 12.00$ 13.00 (AUD)

Aprox. Width: 7 in./ 17.78cm

In flamboyant & vibrant designs, this bow collection makes a nice centerpiece to an outfit for your baby girl, and for the more extravagant adults, a lovely statement bow. A good self image is everything when it comes to confidence and it goes a long way, so why not combine it stylishly with your nightwear, to add some glam and charm to your appearance in the house, catching cute glimpses in mirrors of how stylish the hair looks effortlessly in the house….even first thing in the morning!
Adding to the equation the latest fashion trends and most delicious color combinations, themes and color vibrance and you end up with nothing less than these bows. In rich volume and size and with attention to detail, it is accessorized with the Jojo metallic branding embellishment hand stitched discreetly in the corner

Ideal for those who enjoy a nice hair style but have no time to get an impressive result. Age range it’s from 3months old to ….young at heart! Just clip on & ready. It’s that quick and easy!



Angel Wings Unicorn, Flamingo 50's Floral, Flamingo 70's Blues

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