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Iridescent Fine powder Glitter for Face, Lips, Eye Shadow, Nails & Makeup

$ 7.00 (AUD)

Fine-Ice-Iridescent-Glitter-powder-mermaid-for--Face,-Lips,-Eye-Shadow,-Nails-&-Makeup-with-Wand-nails-lips-web-S1Item: 1 small tube of Multicolour, rainbow, ice mermaid effect iridescent glitter.

This multicolour glitter is ideal to use in combination with pretty much all your makeup & nail coats.

Specially designed in consideration to makeup requirements, the micropowder properties make this powder ideal to blend in with anything that you possibly think might need a sparkle! Either its your favourite lipstick, lip balm, liquid or dry eye shadow, rouge or eyeliner, this is one glitter powder you’ll love to use and have handy in your bag. Or use it on its own to highlight your ‘through the day’ make up and you won’t even need to freshen up your makeup for the night.

Also ideal for your nail manicure. You can practically use it with any nail polish, gel, semi permanent top coat, gel, acrylic or clear polish to get the desired effect on its own for a transparent result or on top of any other design or color. Just blend it with your clear polish, semi permanent top coat, gel or acrylic and you got your dazzling nails! It’s micropowder properties add just the right amount of elegant shine without giving out a the cheap chunky effect that thick glitter does. You can still stack it up for a more dramatic effect.
Due to its light reflective properties please allow a slight colour variation depending on hight reflected and subject to your computer screen settings.


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