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Illustration Arm / Hand Tattoo Clock Greek/ Mason Evil Eye, Heaven, Female, Dice Symbols

$ 10.00 (AUD)

Size: 48cm x 17cm

A Unisex Realistic Illustration Body Tattoo for Arms or Legs, rich in symbolism;
Some of the symbols featuring in this tattoo are; Roman Numerals Clock, Gothic Town, Greek/ Egyptian/ Turkish Evil/ Good Luck Eye, Pigeon, Sparows, Dice, Playing Cards, Sun, Heaven, Female Silhouette, the Sun, Reflection, etc. It is one of those enigmatic art forms where one can interpret it as what it means to them, picking out the elements that represent them to make a meaningful story of this long tattoo design. As demonstrated in photos, it suits ideally both men & women, in different ways.

This item can also adhere onto different surfaces so experiment on where you want to have it placed and for permanent placing, if pleased with the result, allow time to dry and seal with relevant varnish (for temporary use removal do not use varnish on the surface and be advised for what is appropriate removal solution for that surface; likewise with the use of varnish)
Remove by: dabbing tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil , wait for 10 seconds, then rub gently and repeatedly with more rubbing alcohol or baby oil, until removed.

* To save buyers from excessive shipping costs, this item is sent out folded, with care however not to ruin the tattoo

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