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High-Quality Computer Network Microphone MK-100 Recording, Notebook PC

$ 29.00 (AUD)

The spotlight leopard MK-100 YY network karaoke recording microphone singing Cara OK switch with a high-quality computer microphone, designed in a classical style with a smooth plastic material to highlight the user’s personality. Unique, beautiful black design in blue detail.

Subjects of application
The MK100 microphone is a microphone designed for use on computers, laptops, and tablets. The products mainly serve entertainment needs such as: recording songs, learning English online, singing karaoke online, chatting with skype, chatting with voice …

Microphone MK100 classic style is omnidirectional microphone line, sound quality is clear, honest.
MK100 microphone is assigned an ON / OFF button that can be turned on and off during use. Standard 3.5mm connection and 1.5m microphone cable length is very convenient to use.

If intended for a gift, please consider that attention is given on the item arriving intact & in order to pack it accordingly, the box may not be in crisp condition

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