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Healing Properties Agate Stone Handmade Pendant Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Fastening Mens Unisex

$ 22.00 (AUD)

This piece is Unique & Exclusively available by Posh Cadillac,
from ‘Nature’s Best’ Jewellery line
Can be worn both ways around for 2 different stone pattern styles
Hand-crafted & Handmade in Europe, Greece
With respect to earthly, hold some good energy on you as that carried through natural Agate stone (& Sterling Silver 925 Fastening detail).

Gender: Unisex
Semi Precious Stone: Agate
Detail: Sterling Silver 925 (fastening)
Stone Measurements: 4cm x 3cm
Max. Fall: 26cm

Feel special and amazing by spoiling yourself or a loved one, in wearing a unique in essence handcrafted jewellery piece just for you. There’s a good karma in handcrafted jewellery made with love, which in this collection is ‘sealed’ in the goodness of natural good energy material like the agate and sterling silver 925 fastening. In minimal durable rod made of high quality rubber (which makes it the longest lasting of all rod types).
As the stones of this collection are unique and the design handmade, there can never be an identical piece created to this (even if attempted to be assimilated in pre-orders or our custom made jewellery). The one you see, is the one you get.
In a minimal design, this unisex necklace can be worn on an every day basis, from day to night, adjusted in your daily accessory routine. Due to it’s subtle and minimal style, pattern, colours and length, it can pretty much be combined with everything adding to your outfit, without taking away from your natural charm with unnecessary extravagance. Makes for an ideal, cherished gift.
Subject to your screen settings and light exposed, please allow possible shade variation.

Goodness of Agate Stone & Healing Properties
Understand its history and lore, helps connect even deeper with Agate. Throughout ancient cultures Agate rock was used to protect against negative energy, which ranged in form from superstitions to tragedies and natural disasters. Agate belongs to the quartz family, which makes it a popular crystal for healing, especially due to its composition of silicon dioxide, a mineral that is also found in the human body. The variety of chalcedony bands also help enhance your feelings of stability, which can be incredibly balancing if you’re caught in a cycle of worry and overthinking. It works by connecting you with the gentle vibrations of the Earth, making it a gentle stone with a light, diffused energy. This is why many beginners start with Agate stone in their first collection. With mellow vibrations and a steady rhythm, Agate can bring you a sense of peace and support when you feel scattered or overwhelmed by modern life.
Today, the Agate stone meaning continues to be known for its protective qualities. By anchoring you to the Earth, the Agate stone meaning can help boost your sense of balance and centeredness. Agate helps you to slow down and find your center so you can move through life with more grace and ease. Agate is commonly found in many different countries, making them easy for anyone to work with.
Compared to other gemstones in the mineral kingdom, Agate properties radiate a lower, more gentle frequency, which makes them an ideal piece for someone looking to slow down and get centered. Agate’s soothing and stress-relieving properties help you connect with the energy of the Earth by bringing harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. When you feel unbalanced, Agate healing properties have soft vibrations that can recalibrate and realign you.

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