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Handcrafted Murano Lamp-work Frosted Glass Pendant Charm Secret Fragrance Bottle

$ 16.00 (AUD)

Chain Length: 35cm (full length 70cm)
Pentant Size: 5 cm(H) x 3cm (W)
Matterial: Murano Frosted Glass Lamp-work
Metal: Stainless Steel

A charming pendant of handcrafted Murano lamp-work glass, with a floral pattern on both sides, so you never have to worry about turning your pendant ‘on the good side’. The silver chain and ink blue makes it as easy to combine as denim jeans. Althugh there is a fastening to it, due to its length, its easy to slip on and off without it. It’s not only a charming jewelry addition to your look, but it also suit a the purpose of mini storage bottle under cover. Its just enough to fit an idea of frgrance, cream (daily portion), or anything else you can think of. That way you can always have a fresh scent without even the need of your handbag thank to the secret bottle in disquise! With attenion to detail, it’s cork seals well enough to preserve the substance, either in a liquid, powder, or cream form, yet easy to open whenever…wherever.

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