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Handcrafted Ancient Greek Hellenistic Museum Inspired Gold Ring Brass, Granite Mix Stone 2in1 Design

$ 34.00 (AUD)

Hand-crafted & Handmade
Made in Europe, Greece

Size: Adjustable
Properties: Waterproof, Water Safe
Embellishment: Semi- Precious Agate stone
Metal: Copper Brass, Semi-Soft Flexible
Design (max) Length: 6.20 cm
Design (max) width: 5 cm
Stone: Granite Mix
Style: Can be worn both ways around for 2 different styles.

This is an Exclusive and Unique piece is from Posh Cadillac “Ancient Greek Museum Inspired ” Jewelry line. Made in the city of Athens, Greece, on the footsteps of the historical Acropolis. As the stones are unique and the design handmade, there can never be an identical piece created to this one. The one you see, is the one you get.
Feel how it would be like to wear one of those ancient Greek treasures seen only in museums, with our museum replica/inspired collection. Wisely aged metal, depending on the aged natural character of the piece, with the spectacular shine of modern expensive jewelry pieces.

The metal and stones are waterproof and water safe as pure metals & stones are used. Metal is semi-soft, allowing easy size or/and design adjustability where described. Many of Posh Cadillac’s Unique Handmade/ Hand-crafted designs are specially designed to easily or re-position for different interventions. Avoid unnecessary bending and flex with care. Subject to screen settings and light exposed to, please allow possible shade variation.

It may require cleaning as frequent as sterling silver does. To get a stunning shine and preserve as new, just use lemon juice & a toothbrush to scrub or wire sponge (ie: the back metal part of a 2 sided washing plate sponge), rinse in hot water and it will sparkle like new every time. Most importantly, it will clean only the areas that require cleaning and won’t affect whatever aging process has been made. An item you won’t need to worry about removing when taking a shower, at the beach, or when washing your hands or dishes, unless of delicate design.



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