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Greece Souvenir Set Fridge 3D Magnet Alexander the Great, Sparta, Aphrodite, Pure Greek Olive Soap

$ 16.00 (AUD)

General Style: Set of Ancient Greek artefact representations + Bar of Pure Olive Soap

1. Sparta magnet+ Olive Soap Bar,  Size: 10cm x 5cm
2. Aphrodite magnet + Olive Soap Bar, Size: 7.80cm x 7cm
3. Alexander the Great magnet + Olive Soap Bar, Size: 8.30cm x 7cm

Pure Greek Olive Soap Bars: Size 8.50cm(H) x 5.70cm(W) x 2.70cm(D)
Since ancient times, for over 4,000 years, the olive tree, symbol of peace & vitality, offers its precious product, the olive oil, for nutritional, medical & cosmetic purposes. The personal care product development, created the traditional pure olive oil soap, well known for its natural & beneficial properties. The ideal component for body and hair care from the ancient days up until today. The golden formula of pure honey in combination with pure Greek olive oil offers extra moisture with lavender oil and the aloe vera natural extract (known as “the healing plant”), have the relaxing power to transform your bath into a private luxury spa! The combination of natural pure products it is rich in, is suitable for all types of skin, even the sensitive.
Ceramic Archaic Magnets: Each design is hand – crafted with finest detail in a 3D dimensional magnet. There is faded effect gold coloured hand-painted details on ceramic, maintaining the original ancient earthly feel & material elements of Greek artefacts, made in their homeland, carrying through the aura & energy. Make a great addition to someones or your very magnet collection, or collect another piece of mini replica artefact of tremendous culture & timeless style! A fabulous decoration to your interior space.



1. Sparta + Olive Soap, 2. Aphrodite + Olive Soap, 3. Alexander the Great + Olive Soap

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