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Museum Inspired 925 Sterling Silver Buckle Bangle Viking Rustic Silver Hammered Bangle Buckle Greek Etruscan Egyptian Style

$ 32.00 (AUD)

This design is Exlusively available online by Posh Cadillac
Museum inspired 925 Sterling Silver Chunky Thick Vintage Rustic Silver Hammered Detail Bangle / Buckle Viking Ancient Greek Etruscan Egyptian Style

Size: Adjustable
Weight: 47g
Diameter: 6.30 cm
Width: 3.80 cm
Retails at: $56
Metal: Sterling Silver 925 (Unstamped)

Wisely aged metal &  hamered design, in an ancient engraved detail on a precious metal, makes this a very special Museum Inspired piece
Sterling silver jewellery comes with the convinience of not having to worry about removing the jewellery when taking a shower, washing your hands, dishes and generally around water. Not to mention the fear of the jewellery being ruined when spraying perfume. A stress free solution for cherished jewellery that last forever.

Testing 925 Sterling Silver:
“Real 925 sterling silver jewelry typically has certain marks on it to indicate its purity. These marks include “925”, “.925” or “S925”, to represent the 92.5 percent pure silver that exists. If these marks are not present, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not sterling silver.  The easiest test to do is to use a magnet. Attractive, shiny metals, such as silver, gold and platinum, are non-ferrous materials, meaning that they are not magnetic. Take a piece of “silver” jewelry and place it near a magnet; if it is attracted to it, then it is not sterling silver. It is stainless steel that is highly polished to look like silver. The price that you paid for your jewelry is a good indicator as to whether it’s real sterling silver or not. 925 silver is much more expensive than alternatives. If the price you’re paying for seems too good to be true, then it’s likely that you’re not purchasing real 925 sterling silver jewelry”. Ebay
2 more ways of putting 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry silver to the tests; scrape metal onto your skin and confirm it’s clean enough that no color should come out. Apply then fine powder on your skin and scrape metal onto skin again. Genuine 925 Sterling Silver will leave a dark black mark. If it isn’t, there will be no marks on your skin. Last and most important, real silver only looks newer and shinier the more you polish, unlike fake jewellery which de-colors to that test & hot water. Even stainless steel won’t really look any different than before whereas with sterlin silver, the results are usually obvious and you can use any products intended for silver and gold (industrial, or simple ones, such as washing liquid, toothbrush & hot water) to clean.

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