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The Elegant Black Sweetheart Strapped Maxi Dress Long Side Split Cut Made in Europe Greece

$ 90.00 (AUD)

Fashion 2017
Made in Europe: Greece

Material: 95% Pol, 5% El
This design is exclusively available online by Posh Cadillac
Not only is this a fresh, modern, 2017 design, but also a classic. Every cupboard needs an elegant maxi black dress in the right type of fabric that will work miracles in constructing a flattering silhouette, hiding any imperfections and accentuating on a good healthy silhouette and the feminine curves. With a fitted line up to the hips and a cabana finish with a side slit, revealing one leg just enough, this dress does exactly that. With relatively thick and breathable fiber properties, this dress is suitable all year through and on many formal occasions, dinners, or even clubbing. Accessories and style with different shoes, bags and jewelry, and get a different style every time. Uniquely designed to maintain the right balance between sexy yet not taking away from its elegance. Fastens by a discrete back zip.  This dress will be in the forefront of your cupboard all year through, as it’s reasonless and ageless… like a good old wine.
To assure a good fit, please check with measurements below (measurements are of full girth/perimeter/width of values, ie: full west  width, etc). Divide the measurements by 2 accordingly to get half body measurements. The measurements below are for the smallest ease (estimate up to 3 cm stretch for a good fit).

    Smal:                                                                  Medium:
Bust: 80cm                                                       Bust: 82 cm
Weist:  70 cm                                                    Weist: 73 cm  
Hips: 82cm                                                       Hips: 84 cm
Length: 1.54cm                                                   Length: 1.55cm



M-L, S-M

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