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Exclusive Custom Made Baby Name Maternity Pregnancy Newborn Baby Breast Feeding Side Adjustable Mother Bracelet

$ 14.00$ 16.00 (AUD)

Doctors generally advice new mothers which breastfeed, to start feeding on the breast size they finished last. Considering breastfeeding occurs every 3 hours on average, 24 hours a day and usually last for a period of 6 months to several years, this can result to a lot of stress for a new mother! Taking into account all other changes and responsibilities that come with matternity, remembering the side  you last fed your baby to pick up again might be a little overwhelming and the last thing that should trouble the mother. However, its hard to ignore as not breastfeeding correctly which can result to the end of the milk supply, mastitis, infections, mucus, even the possibility of cancer and other conditions.
This custom made name bracelet of your newborn, is not only a minimal yet adorably stylish way to wear a jewellery piece that you can combine with everything you wear due to its colors, bearing your babies name and reminding you of your little angel all the time, but actually serves an even greater purpose. That of remembering the side you last fed your baby on. Due to its clear elastic thin thread band design, it’s as easy as sliping it on the side of the hand that you finish on every time. If for example your baby fed last on your left breast, you place the bracelet on your right wrist. It comes at regular/ standard size but can also be custom ordered to suit irregularly smaller or larger wrists.
stylish baring the custom made name of your newborn on a 3D spectrum and in cute, baby playful colours suitable for mothers also but also suits its purpose.
Due to its features and practicality, ths bracelet is one of a kind. Never before has a bracelet served so many purposes for mothers with newly borns. Either you recently became a mother, are soon to be, or just want to gift a mother something she can cherish and use everyday, this bracelet is just it. Also suitable for mothers that don’t breastfeed, to have their baby that much close to them, as they did when pregnant.

Please send name request for the bracelet included in order, as well as wrist perimeter (if your wrist is irregularly small or large)


Black Cubic 3D, Custom/ Send measurement


Cutom/ Send Measurement, Regular

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