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Clubwear Glam Hot Dress Longsleeve in Patched Stripes XS-M

$ 49.00 (AUD)


Size: XS-M (One size)
The most distinctive element of this dress is the design which is not printed on. Instead, there is generous work in patching stripes of Pink, Blue and Yellow fabric together, adding to a better structure and design complexity.  

This v-neck gorgeous short tight fitted dress is the way to let your confidence shine through on a night out. Colorful and cheerful to brighten up your look and bring you up and make you stand out in the crowd in the sexiest way. It’s high elastic synthesis make it very easy and quick  to wear on and off without the need of zips, adjusting and emphasizing your silhouette.  Comfortable and cozy to wear when the climate is not warm enough to wear short sleeve yet still want to wear something sexy.

It can also be worn more moderately as a long blouse on a social occasion or home, with ivory, pink, blue or yellow tights of different styles and for different seasons, 3 seasons a year. So be creative and add some color to your wardrobe for the days that need a cheerful approach…and a head start into the party mode.



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