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Christmas Set Xmas Clear Rod Santa Hat Pendant Choker Necklace & Key Moblie Chain Charm

$ 6.50$ 45.00 (AUD)

This product is exclusively available by Posh Cadillac

Gender: Unisex
Silver tone Santa hat
Necklace: In elastic clear comfortable fashion rod
Key/Mobile chain: In random color thick fashion color thread
Gift bags: Random stylish, Christmas gift bag selection

A beautiful celebration like Christmas can turn into moments of panic and frustration when it comes to last minute shopping and choosing gifts for our loved ones or even those not as close to us. Specially when we have to chose on different genders, tastes, and having to chose something individual, in risk of someone thinking that their present wasn’t as good…as what you gifted to someone else. This gift pack is the ideal unisex solution, to gift someone something symbolic and in the spirit of Christmas, that can also be worn straight away and in stylish manner. Where less is more, the elegant silver tone Santa hat, just doesn’t spell Christmas any more fashionably, and is also a unique handmade gift, yet a very affordable solution. Make your gift even more special and presentable, by ordering it in a gift bag and save yourself  the time, hassle and excessive spending in gift wrapping or packing. You now have your present ready to gift. So take advantage of the group offer and save even further on your Christmas gifts.
If you have a color preference on the key chains, please quote preference with your order only, and you will get the color of your choice (messages not attached with order may not get dealt with in good time).




1 Key / Mobile Chain, 1 Key/Mobile Chain Gift Bagged, 1 Necklace, 1 Necklace Gift Bagged, 5 Key / Mobile Chains, 5 Key/Mobile Chains Gift Bagged, 5 Neckaces Gift Bagged, 5 Necklaces

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