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Big Temporary Waterproof Tattoo Baptism Christening Mother, Newborn Infant Baby

$ 5.50 (AUD)

Size Large: 16.50cm x 10cm
A beautiful representation of a mother embracing her infant baby in a pure, stylish, nude pose. Symbolising the motherly affection towards her baby, with her hand protecting its head in a nourishing position, over her shoulder. Their heads next to eachother symbolizes the physical as well as spiritual and emotional closeness of the two, in one.
Also makes for a beautiful gift to a new mother, and an adorable symbolism to wear on a special baby occassion, such as Baby Shower, Christening, Baptism.

Show off a nice piece of work on your body without the permanent consequences, pain and expenses of real tattoos and change design as often as you like. If you want a professional outcome but nothing permanent, this design an excellent choice . Looks like a real tattoo yet only temporary. Design inspired the latest tattoo trends and stylish for show off to everyone. Stick on neck, arms, waist , legs, or any part of your body that inspires you or to even hide body scars.

This item can also adhere into different surfaces so experiment on where you want to have it placed and for permanent placing, if pleased with the result, allow time to dry and seal with relevant varnish (for temporary use removal do not use varnish on the surface and be advised for what is appropriate removal solution for that surface; likewise with the use of varnish)

Remove by: dabbing tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil , wait for 10 seconds, then rub gently and repeatedly with more rubbing alcohol or baby oil, until removed.

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