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Best Full Nail Design 2018 Collection Tattoo Art Stickers Decals Appliques Transfers

$ 3.00 (AUD)

Quantity: 1 Sheet (as selected)
New Full Nail Stickers, for finger or toe nails!

Chose among our wide range of designs, in colors to suit anything & any color you’re wearing. Make your hands or feet look more beautiful and stand out in style!
In a rush to get somewhere yet no time to get your manicure done but want to look professionally sharp like you just walked out of a salon? This set of full Hollywood Glam nails is an ideal solution and always fashionably glam.
What a perfect way to add style and luxury to your appearance without excessive costs of nail salons… in no time, with glam results & save hours by simply applying these nail stickers. You can seal them with clear top coat polish, long lasting gels, acrylic, semi permanent etc to get a longer lasting effect. Either you chose to do that at a salon or you just have enough time to do them yourself at home, you still save much time and money, getting that Vogue appearance in flashy nail detail and elegance. Optionally top coat to seal with UV seal and you’re ready for long lasting results!  Effortlessly look like 1,000 dollars…eliminate the risk of someone having styled their nails the same way!


Cubic gradient squares, Dreamy Bubbles, Watercolor Eye

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