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Aussie Australian T-Shirt Tees Kangaroo Souvenir Plus Size XXL, XXXL

$ 19.00 (AUD)

Plus Sizes:  
XXL: Width 63 cm / 24.70 in,  Length 74 cm/ 29.30 in
XXXL: Width 65.50 cm / 25.80 in,  Length 76 cm/ 29.90 in
(As demonstrated on image of selected size)

Fabric: 100% High Quality Cotton
In nostalgy to Summer & in celebration, this t-shirt can be worn all year around (with jacket on top in the colder seasons). It makes for an ideal ethnic girft, either to a friend in Australia, or as an easy souvenir gift idea from Australia to someone abroad. An ethnic fun t-shirt is very practical & much apreciated, saving lots of time to look around for something less practical to meet the taste. You will also be remembered often…as often as worn! Due to it’s high quality 100% cotton quality & neutral white color, this t-shirt is so easy to wear, clean (washing machine safe) & combine with almost any casual combination (jeans, tracksuit, etc)




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