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ARMANI Giorgio Rare Gold Jacquard Striped Bronze Tie Silk Handmade

$ 57.00 (AUD)

Giorgio-Armani-Striped-Tie-Mauve-Brown-Bronze-black-white-silk-handmade-web-posh-cadillac-main-txt-web-S Giorgio-Armani-Striped-Tie-Mauve-Brown-Bronze-black-white-silk-handmade-web-posh-cadillac-slider-web-SThis exquisite, Rare Armani tie of forgone fashion is probably only available by the Posh Cadillac collection and is a great addition to your collection. With discrete detailed weaved Armani branding on the tie loop (as seen in pictures). Great for collectors as it combines style, excellence of bronze luminous jacquard shades.
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This Armani tie comes with a great discount. Originally retailed for $107 in original boxing, find now at Posh Cadillac for $57 (without original boxing).

Ideal for business, formal and special occasions.

Description on Tie Labels:
Quality: High
Detail: Handmade
Material: 100% silk
Size: Regular (One fits all)


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