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Ancient Greek Museum Inspired Gold Bracelet & Black Leather Lace Straps Adjustable Chain

$ 24.00 (AUD)

Size: Adjustable Chain Length
From the Posh Cadillac exclusive Collection of replicas of ancient treasures inspired by Ancient Greek museum art, dated from 600 B.C.-100 A.C.

The most magnificent designs inspired and created, to be admired worldwide until nowadays and in the centuries to come, are undoubtably hosted in the museums as priceless treasures. Who hasn’t admired and secretly wished to have one of those beautifully crafted designs of ancient times, so classic that the would look amazing even today? Well we have and believe many more share the same desire, so we make it possible in our replica or museum inspired items, where a museum piece is either replicated, or take elements of museum pieces and adjust it to something that could be worn today. The inspiration is mainly from ancient Greek museums, also Roman – Hellenistic and Egyptian inspired, covering the most popular world desired ancient jewelry. So next time you find yourself admiring a museum piece thinking I wish I could just have something that looks exactly like that, or that element that you admire in its design…. just know that you can!

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