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All Season Waterproof Handbag Puffy Metallic Aqua Blue

$ 27.00 (AUD)

Length: 35cm, Height: 33cm, Width: 10cm
This adorable aqua metallic blue bag is a stunning everyday accessory as much as it is a necessity. Either you want to use it for school, to the beach, shopping, work or out through your day, this bag is spacious and very practical. It doesn’t stain easy and even when stained, it is easy to wash or just dab with some damp cloth on the spot. It comes in a rare shade and can be combined with pretty much any colour, just like denim jeans.
It has two pockets on the one side of the lining for small things like keys, lipstick, pocket fragrance, money, etc. and another zip pocket for larger storage on the other side of it’s lining. Total of 3 lining slot pockets and very comfortable straps. Due to its metallic reflective properties and subject to your screen brightness settings, please allow possible shade variation.

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