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Asymmetrical Iridescent multi-color strap top, 3 variations

$ 29.00 (AUD)


Size: Regular (Fits most S-L).

Choice of 3 shirts.

In Store Price: $49 (Save $20)
Due to its elastic properties and pattern, it gives a great fit. The pleats emphasise the chest to flatter even smaller sizes, ’embraces’ the figure to a tight fit just below the chest, whilst the fabric falls to a draped asymmetrical fitting, hiding and covering any imperfections just where needed. Comfortable, Summer fabric, easy to wear and go, for all occasions. Enhances natural chest size in volume and has a moderate bust line.

The iridescent details give out a flattering harmonic bronze tone to any skin tone due to its well thought colour properties.


Ivory Based, Sepia Based, White Based

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