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6 Colors Luminous Iridescent Glitter Beauty Makeup Lip Wand Lipstick Eye Shadow / Liner

$ 9.00$ 50.00 (AUD)

Item: Lipstick/ Eyeliner / Eye Shadow / Glow Cheeks Wand Stick ALL IN 1
Colors: 6 Color Shades

If you love the rash of wearing luminous color, which also creates the illusion of a tanned, sun kissed complexion of the face, you get all that radiance, in just one stick!
Use as lipstick on its own, layering the amount as it dries to get from a subtle to a more dramatic effect. Furthermore, mix by wearing it on top of other lipstick playing around and creating different effects. Use horizontally on the thiner side to apply on top of the eye as Eyeliner, or respectively the wider side of the wand to apply as eye shadow. Finish off by using the lighter shades to add glow (after contouring or without contouring the face), to add glow just below the eyebrow and above cheek bones and below the center of lower lip, by applying with wand and spreading, fading it to the desired result. Compact and easy to carry around, it may seem like a lipstick yet encloses the secret to your makeup’s essentials for a glamed luminous look and healthy looking makeup, down to it’s final detail. Harmonic result for vibrant looking skin and infinite styling combinations. Dries to a matte result.
Subject to light reflective properties of product, your screen brightness settings and light projected, please allow possible tone variation. Refer to photo’s for radiance under different light and density, depending how many layers applied.



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