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4in1 Cotton White Strapless Boob Tube Top All Purpose Formal Sports Bra XS-L

$ 12.00 (AUD)

shell-white-beige-top-boob-tube-with-lace-4-web-sSize: XS-L
Colour: Off White
Material: Cotton Elastic
Design: 4in1

This multiple purpose use boob tube top bra can be worn in 4 ways to get 4 different styles, besides being used for unlimited combinations with low cleavage tops or jackets and see through shirts. For a plain minimal or casual front look (as in the main photo, wear the lace design on the back, either with the lace on top or with the lace at the finish (as demonstrated in gallery photos). This item features lace on the finish of one side and with lace back in fashion, achieve a trendy style by wearing the lace at the top front or as a finish at the front and get a different style every time. (The photos in the gallery demonstrate the 4 different looks you can achieve wearing it on its own).

This top has many uses and is a must in a wardrobe. It can be worn from casual to formal, all the year through. Besides worn on its own at the gym, clubbing, at home, it can also be worn as a shirt inside a suit jacket on a formal occasion or work. It can also be worn with a zipper top, track suit, collar shirt, see through top….not to mention all those tops or dresses in the cupboard that look great but can’t be worn out because of their super low cleavage. Now you can bring them back out again.
Its high quality Cotton elastic properties allow the skin to breathe as it should, given the type of fit. It’s neutral black to suit every color and is suitable and most comfortable to use as a sports bra.

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