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3in1 USB Charging Cables, Multi Function Lines For iPhone, 4s, Samsung, Xiaomi, Cell/ Mobile Phone Cable Cabo ®

$ 7.00 (AUD)

New 3 in 1 Micro USB Charging Data Cables Three in One Multi Functions Lines For iPhone 4s Samsung Xiaomi Cell phone Cable Cabo.
Ideal for travelling, moving around, using on different usb devices and can also be attached to a wall plug extention (not included). Easy to store for multi-charging devices or keeping many charging cords neatly in 1 place and practical to carry even in pocket or small bags, without the hassle of flimsy, long tangled wires.

Length: 20cm
Compatible Brands: SONY, Blackberry, LG, Toshiba, Nokia, Apple iPhone, Samsung
Mulitfunction cable USB
(Doesn’t support data transmission for all brands without apps)

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