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30th Happy Birthday Anniversary Black Holographic Garland Threaded Confetti

$ 6.00 (AUD)

A lovely addition to your celebration decor of a 30th Birthday set up or a 30th Anniversary celebration. A holographic iridescent color that will catch glimpses and add sparkle to the event, yet in a subtle black, unisex, neutral color. It’s metallic silver thread allows you to hang these horizontally or vertically, adjusting the width and distances custom to your needs. To add more of a theme continuation, you can use one (or as many) individually, by simply cutting them off their strand and decorating the area you want to emphasize in or bring out. If you want to blend the theme in even more and the occassion is Birthday, be sure to look for the matching ‘Happy Birthday’ Garland of same black luminous color, in our store. As a reflective

Large Confetti  x8 Pieces Garland on Strand
Design: Black Holographic Luminous Iridescent Metallic 3D
Size: 8cm x 8cm each Confetti piece (x8 confetti pieces in each garland strand). 

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